Trusted schemes

Invest with reputable companies

Not all investment companies and pension funds are approved by HMRC, and only approved schemes benefit from the agreement. Schemes must operate within the HMRC guidelines to be eligible for approval.

If the investment company operates too far outside HMRC guidelines, the scheme may lose approval. Not only will you now be bound by the UK tax laws, the scheme will also be liable for fines – which will devalue your investment.

Even though the guidelines are strict, there are around 3000 approved schemes worldwide.

Our QROPS advisors only recommend investing in schemes that are run by reputable companies with solid returns, and we rate all potential investment companies using the combined outlook of these three rating agencies:

  • Standard and Poor’s rating services
  • Moody’s credit ratings
  • Fitch ratings

Our QROPS advisors can help you pick a scheme that best fits your risk tolerance and retirement time frame.