Alan: mid 60s, unmarried, no children, oil and gas expert

As soon as he finished school, Alan started working in the UK. During his 20 years in the UK, he moved companies quite often.  He then left the UK and worked in the oil and gas industry for more than 15 years.

Alan had no real idea about his financial health. We started to track down the administers of the pension schemes for the six companies he had worked for in the UK. Even though this took a couple of weeks, it was worth the effort: we found almost £200k he did not know that he had.

We explored his options. Alan wants to leave money for his sister in Scotland. When he heard that the 200k would be taxed in full by the UK government on his death, he almost went as white as a sheet.  We moved his pension to a QROPS so that the savings would go to his sister on his death, and he was delighted.