What can go wrong

Make sure your money is there for when you need it

A pension is there to provide retirement income, so you should not take unnecessary risks with it. Investments that seem to good to be true often have a costly catch.

There’s always some risk when you invest, no matter what investments you choose. Even a low risk investment like bonds have a built-in risk: the risk your money won’t grow fast enough to meet your goals.

On the other end of the scale, many British citizens have become victims of pension liberation fraud.  The lure of getting access to the pension before 55 seems attractive –  but pension liberation can result in tax charges and penalties of more than half the value of your pension savings.

Always consult a fully-authorised, specialist adviser before making any decisions as making the wrong decision can have costly implications.  We know the difference between a legitimate QROPS and a suspect pension liberation scheme – you can trust us to guide you through the decision process.



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